Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Frustrating day

Today I remembered my breakfast - woo hoo!
I was really busy today so I didn't have time to think about a post. I was also frustrated - the server that our test system runs on ran out of space and as a result I couldn't log on after about 9:30 this morning - not what you need when working on a project with impossibly tight deadlines anyway. Hopefully I should have the system back in the morning, but I don't have much faith in this company so I'm withholding judgement until I log on tomorrow. Or not.  In the meantime I'm trying to write test scripts - which would also be easier to do with access to the system.  Sigh.
I thought for a large chunk of today I'd be joyfully reporting no tingling today but then my foot started up around lunchtime. I'm still grateful for it reducing in duration - it wore off within an hour and then everything was fine until I took the second pill this evening. I'm still feeling absolutely exhausted by 4 pm every day - and my cold is much much much better so I'm guessing that's on the pills too. I'm sleeping OK though, and I generally leave work at 4,so being knackered only interferes with any possible training or walking after work. Speaking of interfering with walking, I was thinking of going out for a walk at lunchtime when my boss asked for an unplanned meeting at short notice and put the mockers on that. Did I mention: frustrated???

Food today:
Breakfast: overnight almond pancakes with butter and pate
Lunch: homemade soup and some cold roast chicken
Dinner: lamb burger with lettuce wrap and sauerkraut
Snacks: mini cathedral city cheddar stick

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  1. Glad the tingling is lessening now. It sounds most unpleasant.
    J x