Friday, 20 March 2015

Busy busy day!

What a disappointment the solar eclipse was!  I had hoped for a bit of a distraction but here in Berkshire it was do cloudy this morning that at its peak it just looked like it might rain hard. Then within a couple of hours it cleared up, the sun came out, the temperature hit double digits (just) and I was able to very briefly wander around the industrial park where the office is located without a coat on - so nice! 
I had very little tingling today, which was good obviously, but after boasting I'd been sleeping well I had a truly awful night last night, almost screamed blue murder when the alarm went off, and spent the morning marinating my brain in caffeine. And to cap it all off,  I was busy testing and writing test scripts all day - which does take brain power and concentration :-( I was not a happy bunny and I'm still shattered now so I'm about to have an early night. 
Today for the first time in a week I wanted chocolate of some kind. I didn't eat any, even when offered leftover cake from yesterday's bake sale, even when I went to the shop after work. I was pleased with myself there, I don't mind admitting it. Now I just have to continue with that. Onwards and downwards (weightwise) I hope... 

Food today:
Breakfast: a leftover lamb burger 
Lunch: homemade soup 
Dinner: chicken and grilled asparagus with a 'side salad' of hard boiled egg in homemade mayo 
Snacks: cashews & peanuts 


  1. It was exactly the same here. The children were disappointed.
    J x

  2. As you say, what a disappointment if it had not been hyped up who would have noticed?