Monday, 23 March 2015

Bed time...

I was in a slightly weird mood today...  I had a migraine yesterday so I think it was probably left over from that, but I felt kind of foggy. I was also really tired.  I realised at the weekend that I've been basically marinating my brain and other organs in coffee the last few weeks and decided that it was time to get it under control - so I had one cup of the real thing this morning and for the rest of the day drank Decaf coffee, naturally caffeine free herbal tea, and water.  God I missed the coffee....
Food was also weird. I couldn't decide what to take as a snack so I didn't take anything and was fine most of the day, but then really hungry by about 4pm. When I got home I dived into a jar of peanut butter (no added sugar).
I like not needing a snack during the day but need to work on not letting myself go nuts (hah) after work and if that means snacking midafternoon, I'll do it.
Anyway, enough garbage for today...

Food today:
Breakfast: hardboiled egg and gammon salad with cottage cheese pancakes
Lunch: homemade soup
Dinner: turkey salad
Snacks: peanut butter on cottage cheese pancakes


  1. When I stopped drinking coffee for Live Below The Line I had a fair old headache for several days. After LBTL had finished, I went over to decaf and now only have the occasional 'full fat' version.
    It was worth it, I think.
    J x

  2. I drink two cups of the real thing in the morning but then after that I give it a miss for the rest of the day. I also drink espresso which is less caffeinated than you think as the coffee is in contact with the water for so short a time not that much dissolves the real killer is craftier coffee where the coffee sits in the water for ages.