Monday, 2 March 2015

Another week, another job...

First day at the new job today. I've been worrying about it - which is daft on so many levels - and having trouble sleeping since Friday night so I'm kind of shattered. The weekend was very mixed - Saturday I had to shop for new work clothes as this place is a bit more formal than the last one and any left over formalish clothes I had don't currently fit :-(. You can probably guess how happy I was about that. I ate well and walked 4 miles on Saturday. Then yesterday I walked more - 7 miles - but my food went to pot a bit (comfort eating, but short of binge eating)
This morning I drove to work with M as he works for the new company already. I wasn't due in till 10:15 and he starts much earlier than that so I had time for a 4 mile walk and a sit down with a drink before I started, which was nice. Early on it was very cold but very bright; by the time I got back to the office it was only overcast and still cold but more importantly it stayed dry. My desk in the new office is by a window, so even if the view isn't that exciting I can see the outside world!
Today was typically confusing for a first day. I met lots of people and met up with a couple of people I worked with here before, years ago, which was nice. The new project I'll be working on is hideously complicated and will be very challenging, but I'm in a training course for the rest of the week so I don't have to work it all out today, thankfully. Less thankfully lunch is provided on the course and I've decided I'm just going to bite the bullet and eat it even though it will not be gf...  It's just easier that way. Next week I plan to get the low carbing back on track and aim for full on keto to get my system cleared asap.

Menu plan for this week:
Monday: Chicken salad
Tuesday: General Tso's Meatballs with Cauliflower rice
Wednesday:  Chicken and vegetables
Thursday: Paleo chicken curry with cauliflower rice
Friday: Chicken & keto cauliflower 'mac' & cheese
Saturday: Chicken thighs with lemon cream sauce and broccoli
Sunday: peanut butter pork (except made with almond butter) with cauliflower rice and veg

Food today:
Breakfast: Chicken and sausage sandwich - definitely not gf
Lunch: another sandwich - this one was gf
Dinner: chicken salad
Snacks: pork rinds, baked frittata

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  1. You've had a lot to cope with, one way and another so it's hardly surprising something gave. You're taking action, that's the main thing.
    Good luck.