Friday, 20 February 2015

Those who fail to plan...

I'm feeling a little bit better about things today, mainly because of the kind comments from Diane and Joy yesterday - thank you both. I love the idea of living like a dog (the living in the moment, not so much the sniffing butts) and definitely think that's a healthier - and happier - mindset than my current gloom. I think the gloom comes more naturally to me, but I want to work on that!
I do generally write menu plans and even stick to the plan (apart from the odd subversive Takeaway suggestion) for the main meals of the day - but I've never done it for the snacks that I seem to need between the meals and I do think that is a major contributor to my current position. I bought crap from a vending machine because I was hungry and had nothing to hand. Then that became a habit and then, as a result, it seemed OK to buy that sort of thing in shops even when there is a choice, and now here I am. I need to expand my planning. Considering how much better my shopping and meals go with a plan (when there is no house move screwing things up) I really shouldn't have needed a nudge to pick up on that, but mindfulness is not something that comes naturally to me. Because I'd rather escape into a book (or a bag of mini eggs) than focus on the chaos within my own head /life.
First step towards planning snack foods - identify the snacks that fit into my planned lifestyle: chopped veg with homemade pate or dips. (the chicken liver pate in my freezer at the moment is a bit too aromatic, I have eaten it at work but feel guilty when I do - but that's no reason to ignore it at weekends)
Pork rinds (homemade)
Yoghurt (plain Greek) alone or with berries
Cold meats
Soup I guess, but that doesn't appeal while eating soup for lunches as well
I would include fruit but after thinking about it a bit I do tend to want sweet foods even more than usual on Tuesday and Thursday - the two weekdays when my current office provides free fruit baskets - so I need to cut back on fruit I think. Sad for me.
Hard boiled eggs - more appropriate at the weekend I guess, a bit smelly for the workplace.
Toasted coconut flakes - I have half a bag somewhere, not sure where as it's been shoved into a cupboard to get it out of the way. Must find it this weekend.

I could add gf baked goods but I don't think that would be helpful while trying to clean my food up. Maybe later.

All this rambling doesn't guarantee anything will change obviously but it is helping to get my head a little bit straight and prepare for a more productive period ahead. Hopefully. Also. I feel better when I don't turn inwards and deny /hide the overeating /binging unhealthy behaviours.


  1. Planning the snacks is a great way to go. I'm trying to cut out snacks except for morning play as there's a long time between breakfast at around six and lunch at twelve. Fortunately, there's almost always fruit around at school.
    I find rambling helps a lot - you read my blog so you know I ramble a lot! :-)
    J x

  2. My deadly time is late at night when I suddenly NEED food. I am not actually hungry but just fancy something. I rely on my intrinsic laziness to keep me in bed and away from the fridge. I also try not to buy easy food like crisps and biscuits.