Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Some good points, some not so good

I still failed to resist chocolate today but I think I'm finally sick of it.
I did walk almost 4 miles and also did 20 push ups.
Today we found out we were getting all our deposit back on the last rental - slightly unexpectedly as we thought they pretty much always find something to charge you for, so that was good.
And I have a deployment tonight at 10pm.  Less good. Possibly I should really have persuaded them to let me off since its my last week.
People at work have started making sad noises about me leaving. I'm sad about it myself, as despite a lot of moaning it is one of my favourite places to work with some great people. It's nice that they aren't looking forward to me going either.
Still having pain in my eye. Definitely not good.

Food today:
Breakfast:eggs scrambled with gammon, mushrooms and onion
Lunch: homemade broccoli soup
Dinner: chicken salad
Snacks: pate with celery; Greek yogurt and fruit. Deposit celebratory chocolate.


  1. Not thrilled about the eye pain but there's quite a lot of good stuff, isn't there, even if it is wrapped up in sad.
    J x

  2. Life always seems to be two steps forward and one step back. Did you chance to see the program about diet and exercise in which they identified that there are people who do not respond to exercise in terms of weight loss. It made me feel much better :)