Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Ouch. On so many levels

Well, the snow didn't last very long and had virtually melted around the office by 11. I went out for a lunchtime walk along the canal hoping that it would linger on there allowing me to get some pretty pictures (can you tell now that I've worked out how to add photos on the phone I'm a little drunk with the power? Give me time, soon I'll be photographing my toothbrush before and after brushing...
Anyway, as you can see the snow wasn't pristine by the canal and it looked more bleak than beautiful. If you're looking at those pictures from a home in the frozen North (or the eastern seaboard of the US) - STOP LAUGHING it is snow, yes, it is. Just not very much of it.

Walking along the canal in search of natural beauty was not my best idea as my back complained every step of the way.  Believe it or don't, as bored as you are of reading 'my back aches' I am 10 times more bored of writing it and 100000 times more fed up of feeling it. I went out for a second walk after work and ended up cutting it short because I wasn't comfortable enough to enjoy it.

Still no job interview so that isn't looking promising. And my boss was asking me for help writing a job spec for the permie he's supposed to recruit so he can stop employing me. Having a great week so far...  Oh yes, and I am due a 10 pm deployment tomorrow night so yay!!! Hmph. Roll on Spring...

Speaking of Spring, if you look really carefully at the above there's a couple of snowdrops there...

Food today:
Breakfast: eggs scrambled with red onion, mushrooms & tomatoes plus a very small amount of cold boiled potato.
Lunch: chunky chicken and vegetable soup
Dinner: chilli with rice & a slice of my gf bread.
Snacks: yogurt. (quite a lot)

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