Friday, 27 February 2015

Last day

I finished my contract today and was sadder than I expected which probably means I was in danger of becoming institutionalised there. Although it could also just mean I've been working with nice people for a year and will miss them.
I didn't plan to do the obligatory cake /doughnut buying thing but in the end I did, as a sort of apology for being too antisocial to go for leaving drinks /pub lunch, and by doing it I had a reason to get my 2 mile walk in - a much more enjoyable walk than yesterday due to some sunshine and no rain. Although it seems to have gotten colder again as the cloud cover cleared. I ate one cookie - white chocolate and raspberry - just to join in :-) and thoroughly enjoyed it without in any way wanting more than one.
I left work around 2:30 and when I got home, thought about getting back on the climber.... But it was sunny, so a walk was more appealing.  I walked another 5 and a half miles, exploring. I also did 50 push ups before work. I still didn't probably burn off all the calories in the cookie, but I felt a lot better for it! In the evening we got a takeaway to 'celebrate' the end of my contract - that wasn't on my menu plan, but I needed it. I'm slightly surprised by how much leaving there bothered me, but I've actually worked there longer than anywhere else so I suppose it's not that much of a mystery.

Food today:
Breakfast: bacon and eggs
Lunch: Chicken salad using leftover chicken adobo
Dinner: Chinese takeaway - salt and pepper chicken wings followed by kung pao chicken and rice. And yes, some chips as well.
Snacks: cookie; toasted coconut flakes.


  1. Nothing wrong with being , I reckon!
    J x

  2. That should have read 'being institutionalised'.