Monday, 16 February 2015


I think there was a weekend but it zipped by in a flash. Saturday morning was housework at the old house - doing that ridiculous clean up before the cleaners get here thing. That included trying to remove all signs of the fat blockage apocalypse from the back garden - I think successfully. In the afternoon I decided to find a local waitrose store as an excuse for a walk around which I will now describe as exploration (I actually hit the right road and then went about a mile and a half in the wrong direction so some people might call that getting lost rather than exploring).  I was supposed to be doing a little shopping but just as I got within sight of the shop I realised I'd forgotten my purse.  So it was back to the house empty handed to collect my money and try again. Eventually I did succeed in shopping. Later we watched Kick Ass 2. Later again  I tried out my new rented oven and it sucked, taking ages to warm up (heat up is too strong a word) despite supposedly being set to fan.  So dinner Saturday was not a success.
Sunday involved both more walking and more house stuff but that's pretty much sorted out now - quicker than we expected. I guess we got rid of enough stuff to make things a bit easier for ourselves.
Today I worked from home so I could pop over to the old house yet again to let the cleaners in and then lock up after them. I was doing some fairly mindless work which nearly sent me to sleep. And in total I spent 2 hours driving to Bracknell and back. I am so glad that it's nearly over and we'll not have to keep doing this much longer.  We hand the house back on Thursday and then it's all over bar the shouting (if they try to pinch our deposit)

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  1. Being rented, I presume you will be able to get a replacement. An oven that won't heat is not a Good Thing!
    J x