Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Yes, a walk does always make things better

Well, it's been a grey and humid day today but a good 5 or 6 degrees warmer than yesterday and that,  combined with the silly portable heaters, meant that no coats or wooly hats were required in the office today - phew!  Also they've given in and decided to fix the heating so an engineer will be coming tomorrow. I was thisclose to working from home today (and still may tomorrow since the forecast overnight and early tomorrow is pretty cold and of course the heating will be completely off while it's fixed) but I was quite glad I didn't as I got in a lunch walk with conversation and that's worth driving in for! You know I love walking anyway but when it's a fairly tired route I've done a million times and there are time constraints preventing exploration having company makes the whole thing more enjoyable, apparently less effort (even though we walk just as fast) and therefore more refreshing.
OK, that's enough positivity for now, on to more sobering thoughts.
I've decided that although I fully intend to remain lower carb (ignore the slip up below) and follow the Perfect Health Diet I need to reintroduce an old diet habit that most proponents of both say is not necessary, but I think I need it -  namely the food scale. I used to be obsessive about weighing all my meals but got out of the habit months and months ago and I'm definitely feeling that portion creep has resulted. The other side of weighing food, of course, is recording it - so I'll also be dusting off my subscription to I know I do record what I eat on here, but if I say chicken salad you couldn't tell from this blog if it was 100g of lean chicken breast or a whole deep fried chicken in that salad - so I need to be a bit more specific somewhere. Starting tomorrow :-).  I keep making recipes up, especially for soups, without weighing any of the ingredients, which makes it hard to work out the calories of course.  Must. Stop. Doing. That. Bad Chrissie!  Bad! Hopefully getting back into that habit will help since I appear to be the only person who ever lived that is perfectly capable of eating vast quantities of fat & protein without genuinely feeling satiated (though possibly bored) - and don't even get me started on my appetite for carbs once I get going. Bloat no object. But I am soooooo sick of being the size I am (and feeling worse at present because every time I trawl through the cupboards looking for things to sell / dump / donate I find more clothes I loved wearing at my lowest weight but can't wear now...)
Oh yes.  I should probably take the terrifying step of reinstating the weigh ins as well.  Crap. Don't wanna!!!

Food today :
Breakfast: scrambled eggs with bacon and leftover veggies from last night's dinner
Lunch: homemade cream of (dried) mushroom soup; bag of crisps
Dinner: Pork tenderloin marinated in mustard - balsamic marinade with veggies
Snacks: Greek yogurt, toasted coconut flakes, cashews

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  1. Good luck - it all sounds very doable.
    J x