Friday, 9 January 2015

Windy day & night

No, not talking about my digestive system... I spent some of last night listening to the wind outside the house and wanting to stay in, but got up to find rain as well as wind... Only a deep seated desire to keep getting paid got me out of the front door and into the car. Having said that, today I actually didn't feel like sleeping all afternoon, possibly because I walked a couple of miles at lunchtime, and didn't need to set up my under the desk caffeine IV straight into my arm :-)
Maybe I'm finally beginning to acclimatise to work again. Just in time for the weekend.
By mid-morning it was lovely and sunny (I guess there's one advantage to strong winds, they blow the rain clouds away) but it was clouding over again by the time I left for my walk and I was walking straight into the wind coming back to the office. Seems unfair to have to put that much effort into returning to the office, doesn't it? Definitely blew the cobwebs away though.

Food today :
Breakfast: eggs scrambled with bacon and mushrooms
Lunch: soup
Dinner: chicken fried rice
Snacks: cashews, chopped veg dipped in strained yogurt (not Greek yogurt but live natural organic ordinary yogurt because I wanted some whey for other recipes)

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