Friday, 23 January 2015

What a lovely day...

Hopefully I finally figured out how to add photos when posting on my phone and you can see what a lovely walk I had at lunchtime. (please someone tell me if it didn't work) I didn't have any shopping to do and didn't feel like walking the canal bank twice in a week so instead I went to a little nature reserve less than a mile from the office, where I walked once around the lake before returning to work. About 3 miles in 53 minutes - I was slowed down quite a lot by the slippery conditions underfoot, as there were patches of icy frozen mud in the more exposed areas and areas of slippery wet mud under the trees. There were moments when I thought I might end up taking a mud bath :-)  Probably not the best choice for a walk at this time of year but it was so peaceful and sunny it was well worth the risk. Apart from when a Chinook flew overhead (low) and made a hideous racket for a couple of minutes, completely drowning out the coots, ducks and other birds. I'm pretty sure it was warmer out by that lake than it was in the office this morning - but it seemed to get warm in the afternoon so hopefully that signals they fixed the heating, rather than the equally likely explanation that the office was being heated by lots of PCs - and a really lot of hot air... 
I walked again after work, doing a little shopping (man, Tesco is annoying on a Friday evening) and in total clocked up over 5 miles today - which makes me feel less guilty about not getting on the climber yet. I was a bit naughty this evening - I had a couple of beers - but Friday night kind of screams out for beer,  or booze anyway, don't you think? (and if you don't think, you don't work...) 

Food today :
Breakfast: bacon and eggs 
Lunch: chopped veg with homemade prawn dip followed by a small natural yogurt 
Dinner: Liver and Onions, mash & green beans 
Snacks: braeburn apple, Cashew butter 

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