Thursday, 15 January 2015

What a great feeling

I'm told that last night the weather was horrendous - really windy.  I'm told. Because I wasn't lying awake listening to it I have no personal knowledge.  I was ASLEEP. Obviously the very limited sleep I had Tuesday night left me knackered last night; I turned the light off before 8 and was asleep in under 10 minutes I'd guess - and still slept right through till about 4am. I actually got up at 5am, and although I would have liked even more sleep I felt so much better for it! Admittedly I took no chances - relaxing bath, small amount of relaxing whisky (not enough to disrupt sleep patterns), smart alarm app playing soporific waves against the shore sounds and a Nytol - if I hadn't slept well it would have been incomprehensible.
Feeling so much better - positively bubbly in the morning despite being at work -  I walked to the supermarket at lunchtime with a colleague to buy some rooibos tea bags. So busy talking, I came back without the tea. That made this afternoon seem kind of long... I don't really like ordinary black tea but made do with it until I can get more tomorrow.
The wind is now rising again... Is it just me or does it seem to build up every evening like clockwork? The ocean waves will have to block it out again...

Food today :
Breakfast: 2 poached eggs on the gf bread I made yesterday.
Lunch: cheese sandwich - using the bread I made yesterday. Can you tell that these loaves of bread tend not to last very long? And a yogurt
Dinner: Paleo Carnitas with vegetables
Snacks: fruit, cashews

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