Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Sooo tired... Again

Thankfully it was a little easier to drag my lazy ass out of bed this morning - although I spent longer than usual in the shower - and I made it to work on one less cup of coffee than yesterday too. 
However I failed to bring a healthy snack and misjudged the size of breakfast so I was too hungry to be good. I must work that out... I don't want to keep pigging on nuts but can't think of a satisfying, interesting, low effort, fairly low carb and healthy alternative. But junk food is none of those things - except maybe low effort - so it needs doing. 
I was shattered again by this afternoon but hopefully in a day or two I'll reach a position where I can survive a full days work without yawning till my head splits in half and rolls across the floor... 
I'm writing this in bed but not yet asleep. Yes, I am 98.

Food today :
Breakfast: eggs scrambled with bacon and tomatoes 
Lunch: turkey and vegetable soup - now so thick it's more of a stew
Dinner: chilli with rice 
Snacks: crisps and M & M's 

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  1. Snacks both low carb and healthy - just a thought but now and again I'll pick up the odd small 'individual' pot of Tesco/Sainsburys fresh coconut bits for the attack of the killer munchies. At c.£1 they aren't bad. Another favourite ploy is cauliflower florets and a decidedly H-O-T sauce made of yoghurt and chilli... lots of chilli! Now and again cheese in some form too - best for me seems extra mature cheddar cut into little cubes (think dice from childhood board games) and a handful of celery chopped into inch lengths (for me having both crunch and flavour seems to help).
    Have a good Wednesday.