Wednesday, 14 January 2015

So tired....

I realised at last why my mood was so bad Monday & Tuesday - it was because I had to do an hours overtime at 10pm last night. The actual work went very smoothly, but I'm not a night person and I think the adrenaline of having to work makes it harder to get to sleep - so I've been knackered all day today, and very glad I have an agreement to work from home after an evening deployment.  However being so tired meant I wasted the opportunity to go out for walks. Yesterday I told myself I'd not out before starting work... nope...  At lunchtime....  nope...  And after work...  Yeah, well, nope again, in fact the furthest I went today was the end of the drive to put the bin out. I did bake a load of gf bread this afternoon - I'd mixed the dough last night while waiting to log back on - so there was a smidgeon of productivity.  Oh,  and I did do some housework - mostly attacking grout with a toothbrush and some mildew removing spray.  The bending made my back ache yet again and the high point of the day was a hot bath after I finished work. I'm now writing this in bed, listening to the wind outside and feeling about 900 years old. I hate winter (apart from the crisp dry frosty days)  and it isn't even February yet... However, even if I am 900 years old today, I still feel more human than yesterday and Monday!

Food today :
Breakfast: eggs scrambled with chicken and mushrooms
Lunch: beef soup
Dinner: masaman curry on cabbage noodles
Snacks: toast, yogurt with berries.  The toast was not my homemade gf bread, in fact it wasn't gf at all, and my stomach has been making the weirdest gurgling noises ever since......

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  1. I really do sympathise. Working late in the evening would be a nightmare for me. Bedtime is before nine o'clock in this house!
    So glad humanity is returnimg.
    J xxx