Thursday, 8 January 2015


Yesterday I worked from home and never left the house except to walk across the drive. Not easy to come up with anything to post from that. I was getting a quote from a removal firm and he came during my normal lunch break so that I didn't have time to go for a walk; by the end of the day I didn't have the inclination either. Also food was weird. Nothing close to binging but I did overeat and weirdly craved foods containing gluten - I've been craving buttered white toast for weeks now, and yesterday gave in. No ill consequences so far, though that doesn't incline me to repeat it. I enjoyed it at the time and now the craving is gone thankfully. 
Walking at lunchtime was limited today by my laziness plus some backache. I'm definitely blaming my office chair for most of the backache as yesterday, at home, it didn't start till mid-afternoon and today it started 30 minutes into the work day. I need to start strengthening it again rather than hoping it will magically feel better I think. After work I felt more inspired and did walk a bit but it was only a total of about 3, maybe 3.5 miles. 

Food today :
Breakfast: leftover burger & hard boiled egg 
Lunch: soup made by adding stock, water, herbs & extra veg to an unsuccessful Paleo shepherds pie base until it actually tasted nice 
Dinner: chicken, mushroom & spinach risotto 
Snacks: fruit; vegetables dipped in garlic mayo (sadly commercial because I was out of homemade mayo AND eggs to make more, also I was out of yogurt) - thanks Deniz for the suggestions the other day, I'll be following some of them after I shop at the weekend - and pork scratchings 

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  1. I see you like pork scratchings do you make your own? I know that Morrisons sell pig skin and I usually have a piece in the freezer so I can rustle up some scratchings if I feel the need. By the way did you see "Food unwrapped" the other night when they compared like for like gluten free and with gluten products only to find that the gluten free had made up for the loss with fat and sugar. I suppose the moral of the story is read the packet!!!!