Monday, 19 January 2015

I should probably buy some more vitamin D

I was kind of down at the weekend - no special reason, just that generally out of sorts not really happy feeling that I hope I'm not the only person to feel, but it meant I felt even more antisocial than usual and spent a lot of it alone lying on the bed (I even had a nap on Saturday - probably the high point of the weekend) or in the kitchen. Some of the kitchen time was productive - quite a bit of cooking - some of it wasn't - quite a bit of picking, nibbling, grazing....
This morning I really wanted to have a lie in after sleeping quite badly but we had to do a bit of a house tidy because our letting agent was bringing someone around to look at the place while we're at work so I didn't have the time. Possibly not a bad thing, since I usually feel better if I take the plunge and just get up instead of lingering in bed.
It was at least a nice day - bloody cold of course, but bright sunshine all morning making me actually want to go out for a walk. As I am trying to cut out the 75000 extra quick trips to the shops I seem to make every week (in an attempt to cut back on food - and general grocery - spending), I didn't go to the supermarket as usual but instead headed away from town to the canal path to see how it was coping with the rain we had last week or thereabouts. It was really rather lovely, though walking to the supermarket with a colleague a few times has spoilt me and I slightly missed the company. The water was pretty high, and the sky was cloudless blue, with brilliant sunshine, but no real warmth so I was able to walk quite briskly - 3 miles in 50 minutes including pausing to take photos a few times and waiting to cross a few roads - without worrying about being sweaty when I got back to the office. Lovely!  The only downside was that the uneven slick footing made my back ache a little on the way out - but it was fine coming back so maybe it just needed to warm up.
After work I managed to relax and enjoy the evening just watching TV and doing a little cooking. My crap night's sleep last night has left me with not much energy so I think an early night is called for...

Food today :
Breakfast: scrambled eggs with bacon and green pepper
Lunch: homemade cream of butternut squash soup; cucumber slices with homemade prawn dip
Dinner: spicy turkey burger with a big salad
Snacks: toasted coconut flakes, pork scratchings

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