Friday, 16 January 2015

Hmm. Title. Don't have one

I was feeling OK again this morning - not quite as good a night last night but still a pretty good amount of sleep for a chronic insomniac. Then all hell broke loose in the office - problems with a high profile project that thankfully I'm not working on - and the atmosphere was horrendous, tension, rage, finger pointing and blame...  Even those of us who weren't directly involved couldn't help being affected by the mood of certain people, which had me passionately wishing I was wfh today just hearing about it through emails. Ah well. At least it's Friday.
At lunchtime I had a walk - and then again after work, about 5 miles in total - to get rid of some of that tension. I needed it, because we're spending more time these days planning for the house move and anyone who's read this over any length of time knows I HATE moving house and find it really stressful...
Yep.  Something else for me to complain about endlessly  :-)  Oh joy....

Food today :
Breakfast: scrambled eggs with bacon and mushrooms
Lunch: cheese sandwich. And yogurt with berries
Dinner: chicken karhai with mint (effectively an Indian chicken stir fry) with rice
Snacks: chopped veg with chicken liver pate, cashews


  1. The food sounds absolutely wonderful! Not so much the day however. :-(
    J x

  2. Sometimes when the day turns so grotty the only thing to do is have a walk - it does help.

    Perhaps your post title could have been 'A Walk Always Helps'

    Anyway I enjoyed the read ..... thanks.

    All the best Jan