Saturday, 3 January 2015

A nice relaxing day

Yesterday was OK but I figured I'd probably written enough posts about going for a walk, eating, drinking & watching TV so I didn't feel inspired to post I'm afraid. 
Today I went to visit my Mum and her OH for the day.  We had planned a morning out in Salisbury but due to torrential rain showers all morning we just stayed indoors chatting and went to a local pub for lunch. But it was almost more relaxing than our plans would have been. My Mum's OH was suffering from pains in his neck & ear so driving was painful for him - it wasn't easy to check for obstacles before turning - so not driving all that way was probably better for him, and although I really enjoy going out and about with them it's not the point of the visit, just seeing them is really what it's about. 
Also - the world's biggest burger (a beef burger topped with a chicken breast topped with bacon and cheese and jalapeƱo chillies!!!!  
But it's OK, I didn't eat the bun :-) The chips however........ 
My train journeys were smooth and painless with no cancellations and I just had a lovely time...  

Tragically I now realise my holiday is as good as over.  Yes I have tomorrow, but it's just going to be an ordinary Sunday with work lunches to make and chores to sort out in preparation for a return to the real world. 
Waaaaaah don't wanna!!!! 

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  1. Nor do I really. It's very sad, isn't it?
    J x