Thursday, 1 January 2015

2015 at last

I meant to post yesterday but accidentally fell headfirst into a bottle of Jamesons Irish Whiskey and by the time I made it out again I was in no shape to type.  In fact all I could do was collapse on the bed.  I may have been a little ill and it's possible I had a slight headache this morning although that, I'm sure, was down to the fireworks around midnight. I hope no-ones pets were too upset by all the noise, I was talking to a check out man at Morrisons this morning and he had to basically drug his dog to the edge of unconsciousness.
Anyhow, self-inflicted injury led to me staying in bed until almost 8am - 8am!!!! I kid you not, I absolutely do not remember the last time I got up that late. I spent the morning walking around wishing it was colder - it got very mild here, and damp, which was less refreshing than recent weather has been. Now I'm listening to a howling wind and I think I might have heard some thunder as well. Bring back my cold frosty mornings please, the lovely seasonal crunch and crackle of frosty grass underfoot, the dry sharp air... I miss it already, but still managed just under 6 miles walking.
Food today:
Breakfast: gf (homemade) toast with butter &  marmalade
Lunch: homemade soup
Dinner: Spanish chicken with rice & broccoli
Snacks: ummmmmmmmmmmmmm gf iced fruit cake slice and some pork scratchings.

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