Thursday, 9 October 2014

Moan moan moaning

Not a great day today.  Despite my comment yesterday,  I woke up with back pain again today  -  and also a very dark mood.  I worked from home today; my back was my excuse but the real reason was that I absolutely could not face being around people all day,  especially when I would have had to behave all professional-like with no scope for crying or audibly swearing &  kicking things. 
Instead I lay on the sofa working on my laptop and intermittently playing episodes of The Walking Dead in the background so that the slaughter of zombies could take my mind of how depressed I was. I didn't move further than the drive all day (mind you, the weather wasn't at all attractive any way) 
After work M suggested going to Wetherspoons for curry night but I still couldn't face being around other people so that didn't happen...

Food today:
Breakfast: eggs scrambled with bacon &  kidney
Lunch: cold meat & cheese 
Dinner:  bolognese sauce on courgette noodles 
Snacks: dates, Greek yogurt with defrosted summer berries 


  1. Hang in there things will improve besides you are entitled to have the odd crap day. I think we all have days when we want to pull the duvet over our heads and hide from the world.