Thursday, 2 October 2014


Crying in the ladies room 😒😭
That's how I spent part of this morning.  That and getting tearful every time a colleague casually asked how I was.  No particular reason other than weight and money concerns, but for whatever reason today they seem bigger problems than usual. Anyway, getting tearful at work is new...  So I made an appointment to see the doctor after work so I could ask for a prescription for antidepressants, and once I get it filled tomorrow I'll be back to being medicated again... I do know it's necessary -  I can't carry on like this - but I'm not happy about it,  in fact feeling like something of a failure in this respect is contributing to the overall depression today I think. I thought & hoped the need was behind me now,  but I guess I was being uncharacteristically optimistic. On the other hand,  I do feel a little relief that I'm doing something about it. Feel free to say you told me so ☺

Food today:
Breakfast: eggs scrambled with bacon,  leek &  mushrooms 
Lunch: ham salad sandwich (gf ciabatta roll) 
Dinner: tuna & tomato risotto
Snacks: Greek yogurt, dried fruit 


  1. And if you had a broken leg would you consider yourself a wimp if you had a plaster cast? Same thing you are treating a disease well done you.

  2. Diane has it spot on the dot - what you are accepting a bit of assistance for (a.k.a. medicating) is something medical and fixable... just as a plaster cast would aid that broken bone.
    We all of us need a helping hand at times, for whatever ails us - no shame or failure in asking for/accepting the help.