Thursday, 11 September 2014

Well that was a waste of time

Today was.. was... Well, a dead loss really.
So I didn't train again this morning - still too tired / apathetic. Ditto no walk at lunchtime due to work stuff - and speaking of - the. most. frustrating. day. ever. at work. I spent most of the morning trying to get an environment sorted out so I could work overtime this evening - a deployment at 10pm - 10 PM!!! and eventually failing (for which I am actually, unsurprisingly, grateful even though the day dragged like a week and felt totally unproductive at the time.) But then work generally sucks at the moment any way so that was just par for the course.
Enough moaning damn it! I'm going to do something active tomorrow - I am - either a walk OR a training session... Probably not both, but something!

Food today:
Breakfast: eggs scrambled with prawns, green pepper & tomatoes
Lunch: rice and salt beef salad
Dinner: well fed chocolate chili over courgette noodles
Snacks: Yogurt, protein flapjack

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