Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Training, training...

I lasted the full 40 minutes training today - I think I slept through the first 18 or so! I did feel tired again, maybe I'm just not one of those people who trains strongly while fasted, but if I wait till after work it's unlikely to happen, if I trained before work but later (and therefore started & finished later) I'd quickly stop doing it at all due to annoying traffic, I guess something is better than nothing? Right? I'm still not sleeping through till morning so it could just be that I'm actually tired rather than needing food for fuel. I need to retire from work, then I'd be able to fit everything in. Or maybe work part time (at full time rates)... Anyone got a job like that going? If not, how about a winning lottery ticket you don't need? Anyone?
Deafening silence...
I walked 2 miles at lunchtime which was nice and sunny but maybe just a little bit too hot. I went to my favourite farm shop, and as usual had to fight back the urge to buy half the shop - at scarily inflated prices of course. I considered another walk after work but I was tired and had a few chores to do so I didn't bother in the end (damned decluttering...) Now I'm shattered & can hardly keep my eyes open... at 8:20pm!

Food today:
Breakfast: eggs scrambled with bacon, leek & yellow pepper + a tiny bit of boiled new potato
Lunch: leek & potato soup blended with Greek yogurt and eaten chilled as 'vichyssoise'
Dinner: Beef & chorizo burger with sauteed potatoes & salad (the burger served between 2 large red pepper slices)
Snacks: homemade pork rind (very small portion),Greek yogurt (also very small portion)

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