Monday, 1 September 2014


I didn't work today as I came down with what I hope is only a 24 hr bug - lots of sniffles, congested head, trouble sleeping, and a headache that probably came from the lack of sleep. Happy Birthday to me!
So I spent the day in my dressing gown. I tried to go back to bed but it was too light in the room & I've lost my eye mask (must reorder). So I ended up just taking it easy but not sleeping it off. I didn't risk training as I was having trouble breathing through my nose.
On Saturday I walked about 7 miles, yesterday & today only about 2 (had to get dressed and clear my head eventually) but I didn't feel as frustrated today because my head felt swollen - you know, that lovely sense that your skin is being stretched? This started yesterday afternoon and improved through the day before returning during the night; it's feeling better again now so fingers crossed this time it takes and I don't have the same problem tonight. Then I had a thought...Maybe some Irish whiskey would help kill the germs... You know what? I think it did... :-D

Food today:
Breakfast: eggs scrambled with ghee topped with leek and bacon
Lunch: beef salad
Dinner: we got a takeaway - we'd discussed popping out for my birthday dinner but I didn't feel up to it in the end. I had Lamb Khatta Masala and some plain boiled rice (not much) and cauliflower bhaji
Snacks: cashews, pork rind


  1. Happy Birthday to you and get well soon!
    J x

  2. Happy birthday and may the cold be gone soon