Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Sunday - Cork rocks

We docked at Cobh (Cove) for Cork today. I had a look at the village of Cobh from my elliptical walker as the ship turned and maneuvered into our dock. It looked lovely, very Mediterranean, from the ship. In the morning we headed ashore for a wander around before our tour. We really liked what we saw of Cobh - it's a lovely little town - and in the afternoon we did a tour of Cork which included a tour of the Jameson Whiskey Distillery. Best. Trip. Ever.
It was interesting as a tour anyway, but I also managed to get lots of free whiskey as well, which made it even better. I'll explain. Our entry to the tour included free drink #1 - I count it as free because I wanted to do the tour regardless - though I admit these tours always include samples and that's part of what you pay for. Towards the end of the tour the guide asked for volunteers and my MiL volunteered me! For the arduous task of drinking a sample of Jamesons, a sample of a Scotch whisky, and a sample of an American whiskey (the horror - but somehow I soldiered through!) I was sitting next to a nice Canadian lady who was doing the tour with her 2 teetotal sisters, and while I'm unsure of the appeal of that tour to non-drinkers, I benefited because they chose to donate their free drinks... to me!!! Yay free whiskey!!!




Cork was a lovely town too, sadly I failed to get many pictures (especially after the distillery tour) but I was inspired to go back for longer another time

Food today:
Breakfast: buffet
Lunch: buffet
Dinner: they had a one off Crab Shack - kind of a pop up seafood restaurant - going on... I had prawns & popcorn crab cake to start


followed by clam chowder


a mussel, clam & prawn pot(I know it’s a terrible photo)


and then a mini cheesecake (ditto)


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