Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Snoooooze time!

I trained again today! And it felt good! do far the improvement in sleep that's often claimed comes with training has not happened though - I woke up sickeningly early again and tossed & turned until my alarm went off. The pre-work training gave me some energy - but sadly it ran out around 1pm and left me yawning my head off, desperately trying to keep my eyes open and wishing there was a nice darkened room nearby I could take a nap in. Unfortunately I don't work in that kind of office. So it's an early night for me... (posted when already in bed... :) )

Food today:
Breakfast: Greek yogurt (Fage 0%) with summer berries
Lunch: tuna mayo in half an avocado with a small salad, natural yogurt & fresh mango
Dinner: lamb curry
Snacks: protein flapjack, ok, and also a dark chocolate Bounty bar

1 comment:

  1. I hope you've slept brilliantly and feel great when you wake.
    J x