Saturday, 2 August 2014


Yesterday was a crap day & I can't figure out why.
First, it was a Friday, and who doesn't like Fridays?
Second, although I still couldn't hear with my right ear almost all the pain was gone - it only hurt when I rubbed or massaged it, which I did when using the ear spray to make sure it went where it was needed - and stayed there - but that's only 3 times a day rather than every 3 hours throughout the day and night like before.
Third, my brother is visiting this weekend so we should have a great time.

So I should have  been feeling pretty good yesterday but instead I was bordering on suicidal most of the day. Sometimes I wonder if I just want to be miserable. And fat.

Food yesterday:
Breakfast: scrambled eggs with ham & mushrooms
Lunch: ham salad followed by Greek yoghurt
Dinner: pan fried ribeye steak with homemade oven chips
Snacks: cashews, bakewell tart, strange small slice of cake (someone was leaving work today) and GF hot cross buns. Yep, binge city...

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  1. Antibiotics leave you depressed - vitamin B is helpful so the odd glass of beer is medicinal!!!!