Friday, 29 August 2014


Probably because of the heavy heavy rucksack I carried a mile yesterday, last night I developed back pain and in the interest of being able to train consistently, skipped this morning. And... Wait for it... I felt depressed all morning because I hadn't trained. I don't enjoy feeling like that, but have no problem with the idea of me being a habitual training person - I've been trying to get back there for ages. It didn't help that I'm having well deserved stomach issues from eating gluten on holiday - I'm telling myself that it's my body clearing out the toxins. As quickly as possible. As a result my weight this morning was 167 lbs. Still not good but below the 12 st psychological barrier.
Lunchtime I intended to walk but decided against getting too far from the bathroom, so instead felt it was a better idea to eat crisps & a bounty.
Sigh. Again.
Ah well, at least I stayed well away from the gluten...

Food today:
Breakfast: chocolate banana mylk shake from Ani's fat blast
Lunch: curried cilantro cucumber raw soup, Bounty, Ready Salted crisps
Dinner: massive chicken salad
Snacks: cashews & dried mango

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  1. Look on the plusses and try to forget the negatives! :-)