Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Monday - I love Dublin

In fact I pretty much love the Republic of Ireland

We arrived in Dublin this morning and what I could see of the port from the gym wasn't that inspiring - but then no industrial port ever is. This morning I had a massage - technically 3 massages, it was a port special where you picked 3 from a list of 5 options, in my case a scalp massage, neck & shoulders, and foot & ankle massage that left me feeling very relaxed indeed.

After lunch we did a tour consisting of a city drive and a visit to the Guinness storehouse. The city tour was excellent, with a hilarious and knowledgeable guide, but the storehouse was so full of people it spoiled the experience. It came with a complementary pint of Guinness.... Don't tell anyone, but I'm not sure what the fuss is about!

Food today:
Breakfast: buffet
Lunch: buffet                                                                                                               Dinner: Prawn cocktail, followed by Thai chicken soup and then a cowboy steak with tobacco fries (all my photos – including those taken in Dublin – came out as dark as the darkest pit of hell. May update later if I can get some more)

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