Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Mixed success

I did train today - but I also binged. I count the day as an overall success because I'm focused on getting back into the training swing, but obviously I do realize that it's pointless (from a weight control point of view) to train & then eat way more calories than were burned off in the training. Although still better for me than overeating and not training, as has been the pattern for quite a while now through surgery, illnesses and recovery. Tomorrow is the first day of my holiday so I know I'm not likely to get my eating under control in the very near future (although I do want to do as little damage as possible without ruining the holiday) - if I can't do it here, it's unlikely to work out on a cruise surrounded by 24hr food opportunities.
The good thing is that after a cruise I generally end up desperate to detox (well technically desperate to eat baked beans on toast - but I'll try to find a healthier option)
As this cruise is around the UK (yes, I have noticed the weather forecasts for the next week... Don't go there) I will try to keep blogging with some consistency. If I skip any days... When I skip days... Don't picture me falling overboard, I probably just fell into the chocolate fountain :)

Food today:
Breakfast: scrambled eggs with chopped peppers, mushrooms & onion
Lunch: raw ginger soup. Packet of kettle crisps. Large bakewell tart.
Dinner: homemade beef and chorizo burger on a bed of romaine lettuce topped with jicama home fries (spot the veg I'm trying to use up...)
Snacks: Greek yogurt sweetened a touch with no-added-sugar peach preserves, and some chocolate. Maybe more than some, it depends on your definition.

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