Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Friday: Kirkwall (Orkney)

I had zero sleep last night and by this morning was completely knackered. I considered dumping the gym or doing it later (which generally comes to the same thing) but ended up going on the grounds that it would wake me up and do me more good than lying awake for a couple more hours.
When I got to the gym I discovered a lovely sunny morning and some beautiful views of tiny, barren, seemingly uninhabited islands - as well as the bigger, very much inhabited island we were docked on, and the surprisingly large city (town-ish) of Kirkwall itself.
In the afternoon we had a tour booked to the Italian Chapel, St Magnus’ Cathedral, and Highland Park whiskey distillery. Roughly two minutes into the tour we all adored the island and wanted to move there instantly. I will admit that a beautiful sunny August day is probably better than, say, a freezing February day when this far north. The Italian Chapel was inspiring even to a heathen like me and the uninhabited island (Lamb Holm)it was on was just incredible. The city of Kirkwall was absolutely gorgeous, with lovely shops including a fantastic deli (with an entire wall of Single Malt Whisky). The distillery was good, but not unique - and I have already been to one on this trip. There was a short, intense shower while we were there (we hid in a shop & ate Orkney Ice Cream during it) of incredibly large, ice cold rain drops, but otherwise the weather was wonderful again. I WANT TO GO BACK!!!




Food today:
Breakfast: buffet
Lunch: cheeseburger & fries
Dinner: pepperoni pizza
I can't help noticing a fast food unhealthy theme today... That's no sleep last night for you! Also no food photos

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