Thursday, 28 August 2014

Back to earth with a bump...and how much do I wish I'd taken the rest of the week?

Ah well, it's got to be done I suppose. The real downside of holidays - especially the really good ones - is definitely the return to normal life.
So where am I? Well, before the holiday I was afraid of the scales because I was giving in to the urge to binge too much and was about as far from low carb as it is possible to get. This morning I did weigh myself, and while I wasn't happy to see a big and unlovely number (full disclosure: 169 lbs) I think that actually reflects a smaller weight increase than on past cruises (maybe even half as much as usual) which makes me a little happier. There were definitely a few changes for the better on this holiday, though I didn't stick to my pre-holiday plans.
1) low carb till dinner - I started out doing this but (my theory) due to not low carbing in the month or so prior I found training fatiguing that way. I always feel better - less bloated and blobby - when I train on holiday so I deliberately chose to up the carbs earlier in the day by allowing myself pays at breakfast and some potato / rice at lunch
2) gluten free - nope, not really, but I only knowingly ate gluten on approx 40% of the days, and nowhere near every meal on those days, plus I was mostly moderate (excluding the day I ate pizza)
3) training daily - only skipped twice and one of those was due to an early starting full day trip - there simply wasn't time
4) avoid cakes, cookies, and desserts - I did avoid these things most of the time during the day, and didn't force desserts when I was full, but they're really good on a cruise so I didn't pull that one off
5) avoid pizza - had it once
6) drink less. Ummmmm. Well. Ahhh... I never got drunk / was hungover
7) don't stuff yourself stupid - only failed that one twice

Hey, I was on holiday, and I loved it, so eh.
The travel days I don't think I'll bore you with, especially if you've managed to work through the 10,000,000 posts I uploaded yesterday. I would have tried to stagger them but that way I tend to lose interest and peter out, so I (obviously) didn't.

This morning I intended to get up at 4:45 to train but woke up irrevocably at about 4am. So I got up and trained slightly earlier than planned. Then ate a low carb breakfast and drove to work. Where I discovered lots of slightly scary stuff had happened in my absence - a reorganization & some redundancy - that appears not to immediately change my situation but does leave me feeling a tiny bit insecure.
At lunchtime I walked 2 1/4 miles (the second half with a heavy rucksack.) It was pleasantly sunny & warm after a wet start to the day and allowed me to get a break from the not very happy office, so it was well worth it.
Outside of work & training I'm fairly busy trying to catch up with the unpacking & laundry and making up for a stupid screw up I committed on the 14th - namely accidentally switching off a fridge freezer before going away for two weeks. Luckily it was a small fridge freezer and we have another bigger fridge and freezer that were left switched on with much more stuff in- but you can probably imagine the delightful aroma we came back to (and the lovely cleaning job I came back to) not to mention the loss of some leftovers I'd been planning to use to get us through to the weekend for my proper shopping trip....

Food today:
Breakfast: eggs scrambled with tomato,onion & red pepper, then topped with a bit of grilled bacon finely chopped
Lunch: salad with ham (bought salad mix because there's only what fresh food I could carry in my rucksack yesterday in the house)
Dinner: grilled beef burger served on & with salad

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  1. What's a holiday for if not to loosen the reins a little bit and have some treats now and again? The important thing is to gather up the slack again afterwards and continue and you're doing that. I loved reading about your holiday!
    J x