Thursday, 10 July 2014


Well, I did go to the doctor today and now I have a course of antibiotics to take along with the advice to have salt baths and instructions to call if I feel I need an additional antibiotic adding / it starts exuding fluid.
Sometimes I think my body just wants to gross me out to death.


I treated myself to some chocolatey things while I was out, brought them home to pig on, and then realised that my antibiotics have to be taken on an empty stomach - one hour before food, two hours after food, and 4 times a day - they may actually help me control my urge towards undisciplined snacking! (not today - I just made sure that I could fit the chocolate in around them. But hey - I've been fighting the urge to eat chocolate all week as I believe I've whined griped complained mentioned a couple of million times) Actually the only other time I had a course of antibiotics - for a kidney infection 10,100 years ago - it deprived me simultaneously of appetite and energy. The appetite part I don't mind, the energy part less so - I don't want to have to vegetate for 10 days.

So I didn't train, I didn't walk - in fact I drove 1.1 miles to the doctor's, that's unheard of for me. Usually I won't get the car out for anything less than 2 miles - and only that if I have to buy something I can't carry or need petrol.
Not an exciting update!

Food today
Breakfast: scrambled egg with sweet potato, mushrooms & bacon
Lunch: chocolate & dried fruit
Dinner: Rump steak & sweet potato fries
Snacks: home-made pork rinds


  1. In my humble opinion you should rest your body is fighting a battle and needs all your reserves to do that. If you think about it your body needs more calories and nutrients to repair itself than to maintain the status quo. I find porridge is great for stopping the gut problems associated with antibiotics as is live yogurt. What advice you give me if I were ill? Well take that advice and apply it to yourself!!!!

  2. Sensible advice, Diane!
    J x