Thursday, 3 July 2014

Yawn.... Can you get used to being knackered ALL the time?

I woke up fairly early this morning so I used training as an early morning caffeine supplement and it worked quite well.
Unfortunately all morning I had a bit of back pain, not too bad - it mostly just felt tight and was easily stopped by OTC painkillers so I hope it's nothing that will stop me training.
By lunchtime it was baking here so I spent my lunch break reading instead of walking. The secondary benefit of that being that I couldn't buy any extra food, which probably would have happened if I'd gone out. I'm reading a series of murder mysteries set in deepest Alaska at the moment, and when it's boiling outside I'm almost attracted to the Alaskan weather as I read... Of course I did an Alaskan cruise a while back, but that was the middle of summer and the weather wasn't bad at all, so my experience limits my imagination and I know I can't even conceive of such cold...
After work I was willing to walk as I didn't have to spend the evening in sweaty clothes afterwards, but only had time to go a couple of miles before hitting the kitchen.
Food today:
Breakfast: scrambled eggs with bacon, mushrooms & leek
Lunch: salad with cold meat
Dinner: salmon fishcakes with kale salad
Snacks: hard boiled egg. Illicit bag of Real Crisps

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