Wednesday, 9 July 2014


Still really uncomfortable so I didn't train today; however if I can find a way to avoid actively making things worse and this break fails to make it any better by tomorrow morning I'm giving up going to make an appointment to see a doctor and ask for some antibiotics (I'm reluctant to because I know they mess with all the body's fauna, not just the bad guys, but needs must. I've been using a topical anti-inflammatory painkiller on it since yesterday but can't see a great deal of improvement so far. In fact it's more swollen and more reddened today and I've even felt slightly feverish this evening (though that could be hypochondria)
Surprisingly I slept quite well last night and didn't struggle to get up this morning, although it still felt kind of pointless getting up as early as I normally would to train.
I confess I'm still fighting off the desire for a binge at the moment. I'm considering making a cocoa/carob chia or avocado pudding so I feel like I've had some chocolate without all the sugar & additives in commercial bars / desserts but I'm not certain in won't trigger anything worse so haven't done it yet. But I have ground chia and avocado in the house as well as unsweetened cacao and carob powder and I swear it's calling out to me... Maybe I'm hallucinating!

This feels so unfair coming just when I was getting back on track...

Food today:
Breakfast: eggs scrambled with bacon, mushrooms, leek & spinach
Lunch: beef salad (including a small baked sweet potato - finally adding in those extra carbs!)
Dinner: creamy pasta (courgette noodles of course) with creme fraiche, gammon, mushrooms, red onion and fresh parsley
Snacks: homemade beef sausage with middle eastern salad dressing.

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