Monday, 7 July 2014


This weekend was a bit better in terms of being less diet-sabotagey and minus vomiting so that was good. I did go slightly nuts on cashews yesterday, but I was gluten free and added-sugar-free all weekend and although I didn't walk much I did train yesterday. I also watched a couple of movies (The Chernobyl Diaries - rubbish - and The Host, which I enjoyed) and spent a reasonable amount of time in the kitchen making batches of salad dressings and homemade chicken stock & homemade beef sausage.
This morning I managed to force myself out of bed and onto the climber first thing - it did take a degree of force too - and although I didn't actually enjoy my session I did enjoy finishing it!
I also walked 2 1/4 miles at lunchtime for some shopping. But I've been pretty tired most of the day - nearly nodded off around 11:30 - (and have a painfully (actually agonizingly)  inflamed lymph node) so I may be feeling a bit run down. I think tomorrow it's either less exercise or more carbs to fuel the exercise - maybe both.

Food today:
Breakfast: scrambled eggs with bacon, mushrooms & leek
Lunch: ham salad followed by Greek yogurt and watermelon
Dinner: chicken salad with homemade dressing, incorporating half an avocado along with the veggies.
Snacks: homemade beef sausage from a well fed 2 recipe - sort of Turkish, plus a raw carrot, all dipped in a middle eastern inspired mayo-based salad dressing.

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