Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Feeling human again

Yesterday I hardly ate all day due to ongoing nausea (its possible that migraine nausea segued into hunger nausea eventually as I did feel better after eating dinner) Because of that I didn't train this morning - just didn't have the energy - but instead waited till after work (and eating normally all day) when I hoped to feel stronger than first thing; yeah, that didn't happen. But tomorrow is another day - and I did walk 2.33 miles in my lunchbreak. So not a total washout like yesterday, but close... I was hungry pretty much all day today though I somehow resisted bingeing the way I did when I last tried intentionally fasting. But I started prepping an early dinner the minute I got back to the house; that's why training was not an option today. I should be caught up now though!

Oh yes, and I got a 6 month contract extension at work today. I was expecting one month, and wouldn't be entirely surprised if it turned out to be a miscommunication of some kind. Still, for today I'm all set till December!

Food today:
Breakfast: eggs scrambled with red pepper, bacon & mushroom
Lunch: salad with cold meat & some melon
Dinner: lamb stir fry with veg and Paleo 'hoisin sauce'
Snacks: meatballs

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