Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Emotionally, I am six. And pouting

That may be an insult to 6 yr olds everywhere.
No pre-work training today to avoid rubbing & chafing (& sweating on) that angry lymph node. I got up at the same time (I do believe in consistent bed & rising times) and found myself regretting it a bit due to the morning just dragging.
I was so uncomfortable all morning that I basically sulked from 7 - 12, then didn't go for a proper walk but only popped into town to a pharmacy for some supplies. I was also knackered all morning - I actually needed extra coffee around 10:30, which never happens. Moan moan, whinge whinge, I'll shut up now, thank god the vending machine is still out of order...
I sulked all afternoon too. There was a birthday today with obligatory doughnuts and cookies... I really felt like grabbing all the bags & boxes and taking them to my desk, then doing an impression of Gollum protecting his precious until they were all gone.... I'm not sure how I resisted, but somehow I confined myself to a few strawberries that she also brought in. And more sulking. Lots more sulking. I didn't enjoy today. I'm guessing you didn't enjoy my today either.

Food today:
Breakfast: sort of egg drop soup - homemade chicken stock with mushrooms, leek, spinach & beaten egg stirred through to cook, flavoured with a few drops of coconut aminos. It was very tasty but less filling than I'd hoped it would be.
Lunch: ham salad, a couple of strawberres & a plum
Dinner: lamb stew over cauliflower rice
Snacks: homemade beef sausage & a raw carrot with homemade Paleo ranch dressing; lots more strawberries (with creme fraiche, and not the wussy reduced fat kind.

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  1. I hope things look better for you today. xxx
    J x