Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Back on the climber again

I trained this morning. Couldn't believe it was almost a week since the last time I did :-0 and I was very glad to get back into it. I don't regret skipping yesterday morning at all, but I definitely feel more alert today. At lunchtime I walked 2.4 miles (would have been 3 but some inconsiderate git started talking to me, and 15 minutes later I didn't have time to walk 3 miles & get back to the office unsweaty to eat lunch & start work on time.)
After work I considered going for another walk but got caught up in various chores and didn't get round to it. It's possibly just as well since my feet are embarrassingly ugly these days - callouses and dry skin and blisters - I have fantasies about hot wax pedicures but I'm trying not to spend money at the moment.
Except apparently on food - we got a takeaway this evening in celebration of my contract extension.
M isn't very well at the moment - probably a summer cold, he's sneezing as if he had hay fever but has a sore throat as well. I'm trying to avoid his germs so I don't find myself in the same state, especially as I'm still trying to get back into training consistently. Keep your fingers crossed for me, ok?

Food today:
Breakfast: scrambled eggs topped with bacon & cherry tomatoes
Lunch: salad with cold meat
Dinner: lamb & chicken shush kebab & salad with garlic sauce. No Pitta but a few chips....
Snacks: meatballs

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