Thursday, 12 June 2014


So, less than no sleep last night had me shambling around like an extra from The Walking Dead this morning. As a result I elected to work from home rather than risk causing mayhem on the roads. Of course that wasn't a hardship compared to working in a sauna all day. We don't have air conditioning at home either but at least I have a fan.
At lunchtime I walked just over 2 miles - I'd intended to bring forward my climber workout but didn't have the energy. A nap might have been an even better idea - except I'm not good at napping.
After I finished work, I went for more of the same - keeping active even though I had no energy or interest. Total mileage today about 5. Total Vitamin D ~ 1700% of RDA. Yay!!! No need to supplement right now...
In an attempt to avoid insomnia tonight I've had exactly one beer .. and a nytol. Wish me luck!!!

Food today:
Breakfast: breakfast smoothie of homemade coconut milk kefir that had been flavoured with pureed banana & homemade vanilla extract, blended with spinach, avocado, strawberries & raw cocoa powder
Lunch: leftover kale avocado salad with tinned salmon in homemade mayo
Dinner: chicken vegetable stirfry with Paleo 'hoisin' sauce
Snacks: dried mango and a very small amount of homemade pork scratchings

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  1. A million blog points for the reference to The Walking Dead. I am obsessed with that show and have been binge-watching the first two seasons to try to fill the void left by running. Hasn't worked, but it's still nice to relive some of my favourite moments.

    That breakfast smoothie sounds absolutely amazing! What with that and all of the vitamin D you'll have superpowers by the end of the month :)