Wednesday, 18 June 2014

What a difference a work out makes

Yesterday I felt wide awake, energetic, virtuous and happy most of the day because I trained first thing. I heard uncouth sounds from the desk across from me and only wanted to strangle the guy about 10 times all day; I was bored / frustrated but accepted that as just the way it goes; and even the (unrealized) possibility of having to work late didn't really faze me. OK, I still complained about the heat all afternoon due to the lack of air conditioning, but that's exceptionally unbearable working conditions that NO ONE could be expected to accept.
Today? M slept in so I didn't feel I could train on the noisy machine in the next room and wake him up. So I put off the session till after work.
What difference did that make to my mood? I felt sluggish and depressed first thing. I wanted to kill the guy across from me 10 times in the first 10 MINUTES after he got to work (and my fantasy murder method was way more violent than mere strangulation.) And by 8 am (I walked into the office at 6:40) I was so bored, frustrated & generally fed up that I wanted to tell them to stuff their job and stomp out. It was miserably grey and dreary, which probably didn't help, but even so... talk about your Jekyll & Hyde!!!
At lunchtime I didn't really feel like going for a walk but there were glimpses of sunshine that I hoped would cheer me up, plus I wanted to get some change for a £10 note so I went into town. If I'm honest I was really really really tempted to buy a ton of absolute crap and find somewhere to hide and binge out. The first shop I entered had a queue stretching half way to the back of the shop, and I wasn't willing to wait in line for that long, so I went on to a convenience store further down the street, and by the time I got there I'd decided just to buy some bottled water. I then walked on a bit, in total almost the regulation 2 miles, which wasn't that impressive in terms of exercising but I suppose better than nothing. I did go into the canteen of a local office building and buy a satsuma, but that was all. The walk didn't do a lot to cheer my up (it was nice when the wind dropped but sadly there was a nasty cold edge to the wind and it blew most of the time. On the other hand I finished up feeling no less, but also no more, grouchy than I started out - if I had pigged out I'm pretty sure I'd be feeling worse right now.

However. I did not train after work. I was starving when I walked into the house, and I instantly ate dinner then got bogged down with chores. See what I mean about training first thing being best?

Possibly as a punishment for my grouchiness today I've had a little discomfort in my eye. It's so little it's hardly worth mentioning except as a marker for how much better it has been lately. I've had prolonged periods of being unaware of my eye unless messing about with it - rubbing it for instance - but today I've been aware of it again with a very slight ache easily treated with paracetamol.

Food today:
Breakfast: eggs scrambled with leek & tomatoes
Lunch: salad with roasted gammon and homemade wasabi mayonnaise
Dinner: slow cooker hot & sour soup based on this recipe but I don't eat soy anymore so I replaced tofu with chicken breast, and I didn't have water chestnuts but did add carrot & celery, and used pork bone broth instead of chicken stock. But it's basically that recipe. It had mushrooms in it. So it's that recipe.
Snacks: cashews, Paleo meatballs.

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