Monday, 30 June 2014

Ugh (warning–TMI below)

There were some good things at the weekend – we were celebrating M getting a new job, so those things were not weight loss based, but more for enjoyment. But then the weekend took a hugely unpleasant turn yesterday afternoon (that ironically was good weight-loss wise in a sick – literally – sort of way)

Yesterday for lunch we went to a new US style BBQ place that opened near us about 3 weeks ago. It was nice – good atmosphere & service, the food was good though not exceptional, the beer was very good though the choice was limited. I only had 2 small bottles of moderate-strength beer. We were home by 2pm

Around 3pm I started getting a headache. I tried to fight through it without pills – always a mistake, but somehow it seems right at the time – while watching Ender’s Game for distraction. By the end of the movie my head was splitting so I gave in on the pills. When the pills weren’t denting it after an hour I finally realised it might be a migraine (and I’d taken the wrong pills, and couldn’t take the right ones for another 3 hours). Luckily(?!) half an hour later I threw up big time. And again half an hour after that. And again… and again… marvelous. I had such a nice evening. I fell into bed around 7 and was asleep fairly quickly – boredom (no TV, Candy Crush or Kindle) combined with weakness from the loss of everything I ate all day probably.

So that was my Sunday, and don’t I wish they were all like that???

This morning I woke up with a niggly headache and strange feeling that I can only describe as feeling as though someone tied a rope around my head just tight enough to feel uncomfortable, not enough to be a form of torture, a sore throat and an aching post-op eye (at one point last night it looked about as bloodshot as it did 3 days after the operation. I was a little worried, but it looks fine today) I also still feel nauseous when I bend over, and I haven’t eaten anything since lunchtime yesterday.I decided against driving in to the office today so I’m working from home – if my headache stays under control.

OK, enough complaining from me. I need some more diet ginger beer…

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  1. :-( Take care and i hope things have eased off for you now.
    J x