Thursday, 26 June 2014

That'll teach me not to boast...

Hardly slept last night... :-( Don't know what was different. I fell asleep very quickly again (I'm not good at visualization, but as soon as I hear the waves I picture myself in an unnaturally stable hammock on a Caribbean beach), but I woke up obscenely early and was shattered by the time my alarm sounded.
Too shattered to train first thing.
However, in an uncharacteristic surge of determination I still trained, just later in the day. I managed a walk as well, and this time, being plastered, socked and walking- booted, was able to do 2.3 miles. It was hot as hell and really humid... Half an hour later it was pouring with rain. But it held off till after the walk and I spent the time strolling through a nearby copse so no complaints!

Food today:
Breakfast: eggs scrambled with bacon, spinach & mushroom
Lunch: not raw meatball & veg soup followed by strawberries
Dinner: spinach feta turkey burger in (portobello mushroom) bun with kale & avocado salad left from yesterday
Snacks: GF toast with butter; coconut milk kefir

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