Friday, 27 June 2014

Rest day

I was intending to make tomorrow my Versaclimber rest day but yesterday evening I started having some lower back pain that was still there this morning so I decided to leave it today - hoping that resting it today would be enough. Due to the weather I didn't get a proper walk this lunchtime either, so I was feeling very cooped up by the time I left work. That's not good for me... It leads to bingeing due to frustration and my all or nothing inclinations. Luckily the vending machine at work is out of order and the rain stopped my heading into town to spend all my cash on chocolate - as was definitely my wish at the time.
After work I did go for a walk, it wasn't actively raining and I was willing to accept getting home soggy and changing straight away if necessary if that changed. It was only three miles and included a bit of shopping but that was enough to take the edge off my restlessness. Thankfully.

Food today:
Breakfast: eggs scrambled with onion, spinach & mushroom
Lunch: raw carrot & ginger soup
Dinner: soup made by adding homemade stock and vegetables to the oxtail stew I had earlier in the week
Snacks: meatballs, mixed nuts, a little coconut kefir

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