Saturday, 14 June 2014


I managed to get some sleep Thursday night, possibly as much to do with all the fresh air as the nytol + beer. I didn't - still don't - feel caught up, but I did feel human enough to go in to the office. I did not, however, go for a long walk at lunchtime. The heat in the office has been getting increasingly enervating and it killed my motivation stone dead. I managed to walk as far as a convenience store with a freezer full of ice-cream and I did purchase a Solero, but in my defense it was medicinal to lower my core body temp from a fast boil to a slow simmer.... I also didn't have the energy to train after work, so I declared yesterday a rest day. Then it turned into a pig out day as well... I had 2 beers (only 2 - and I felt slightly too drunk to post!) and ate junk and fell into bed fairly early. Then woke up very early in the morning due to thunder in the distance, torrential rain and even some lightning. I managed to doze off again with help from ear plugs and an eye mask but was restless till it was properly morning, and got up early.

Food Friday:
Breakfast: raw tomato bisque
Lunch: pork scratchings and a Solero
Dinner: grilled chicken thighs, protein cookie, non gf toast...
Snacks: cashews, eat natural bar

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  1. Glad things are better anyway. Are you able to have a restful weekend?
    J x