Monday, 9 June 2014

Moving onwards

First up I'll admit I lied about being over the bingeing - or overeating anyway - that lasted all weekend and I drank beer too.
Yesterday I had my eyes tested for new glasses. Unbelievably the optician said my prescription hadn't changed at all since the last eye test - so now I'm kind of newly all impressed with my surgeon. My eyes are generally healthy, she confirmed that my vision with my current glasses is good enough for driving, and there was no last minute panicky 'wtf is that' with regard to holes, detachments, tears or cataracts - all of which was massively reassuring. OK, I've spent a fortune on new glasses that I will get in a couple of weeks, but for now I've got no more milestones in the near future - so no excuses for more overeating!
I drove to work today - and home obviously - and omg the difference it makes getting home at 4:30 instead of 5:30!!! I hopped on the climber virtually the minute I walked through the door and had finished my workout & shower before I would have unlocked the front door travelling by train! I had already been for a 2 mile walk at lunchtime as well - rather a hot & sweaty one sadly. Also I made the mistake of not eating my healthy raw green soup for lunch before I went to the farm shop... Which completely changed the whole face of my lunch (see below...) and forced me to tweak my dinner to come in within calories....
Food today:
Breakfast: raw spicy bok choy soup (made with baby spinach instead of bok choy)
Lunch: toffee pecan muffin, dried apple crisps, and 3 medjool dates.... The carbs got me!!!!
Dinner: tinned salmon & salad
Snacks: cashews and homemade banana-coconut milk kefir


  1. Fantastic news about the vision!!!
    J x

  2. Glad things are going according to plan and you have survived your brush with the NHS

  3. Hey, great news from the optician :-) It is SO good to get reassuring news, isn't it. Worries can be placed on hold for a while (I'll try to do the same - I can't help but 'be prepared for the worst' and that makes me my own worst enemy sometimes).

    Think you did good by adjusting dinner to balance the lunchtime changes too.