Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Monday AGAIN...???

The weekend wasn't great, I seem to have got into the habit of doing well most of the week then doing so badly at the weekend I negate all the good I had been doing. Actually Friday was bad and so was Saturday (full on binge) but Sunday I trained then walked - and with an extremely heavy, back breaking rucksack as well - so I was more active than any weekend within recent memory.
I was much more motivated today I'm glad to say, and once again went for the double whammy of walking at lunchtime and training after work. (it was actually a chilly walk due to lots of cloud & a cold wind - but the heat is due back tomorrow. And we still have no air conditioning in the office...) I also selected a program in the climber in the hope it would push me harder than I'd push myself (but selected a fairly wussy program to reduce the benefit). I'm boosting the protein back up somewhat now that I'm training more - I was starving all last week and definitely ate more than my training effort warranted as a result. Hopefully the much hyped satiating quality of protein will stop me doing that this week. I've got 2 months before we go on holiday and I want to lose weight by then (my Plan B is to buy Spanx but that is basically an acceptance that I've lost my weightloss mojo and I'm not yet ready for that)
Food Friday:
Breakfast: eggs scrambled with leek, yellow pepper & mushrooms
Lunch: salad with Paleo salad dressing & grilled skinless chicken thighs
Dinner: salad with a million veggies, Paleo dressing, and poached chicken breast
Snacks: cashews, cold meat

ETA: I wrote this yesterday and thought it posted then until I arrived on blogger to post today and found it was still only a draft...

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