Monday, 2 June 2014

I hate Mondays (no one ever said THAT before...)

Why does Sunday always have to be followed by Monday?
I'm still lacking energy & enthusiasm. (and an appointment at the hospital) Yesterday I had planned a fairly active day with lots of walking, incorporating a visit to Ham House, but instead managed to barely walk 2 miles before going home to spend most of the day in front of the tv. Then this morning I woke up around 3:20 and stayed awake - losing an hour and a half of my already short nights sleep. Ah well, at least today I know why I'm knackered.
After work I did a very short session on the climber in addition to the obligatory 2 miles walked. I only fitted in 20 minutes but it was 20 minutes more than usual and more than I felt like doing so I'm reasonably pleased I did even that. In fact, no, I'm really pleased I did, given that train travel leaves me so little spare time. So go me!

Food today:
Breakfast: pork & apple sausage with cucumber & tomatoes
Lunch: salad of homemade mayo dressing on roast chicken breast, avocado, cucumber, tomatoes & lettuce
Dinner: pork ribs in Paleo bbq sauce w/ salad
Snacks: cashews

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  1. Go you indeed! Every step is a victory, no matter how small it might seem to you. Honestly, I don't need much sleep anyway, so being an insomniac doesn't matter so much. The vast majority of people most definitely do require sleep, so you're doing brilliantly to fit in any exercise at all when you're so tired.