Friday, 6 June 2014

Friday at last

I forgot to mention yesterday that I walked 5 miles to (not even a little bit) work off the calories of my binge - 4 miles getting to and from the hospital plus another mile going to Wetherspoons for dinner as I couldn't face cooking when I finally got home. So I was nicely active anyway!
Today was not as active. 2 miles walking to the train station and back - check. Walking at lunchtime? Nope - it was baking hot and the air-con at work is broken so being vigorous, coming back sweaty, and then sitting stewing all afternoon just wasn't going to happen. And after work there wasn't time for anything more before the taxi came to take us out for dinner.... We went out for dinner in celebration of the milestone yesterday with my eye. We went to one of our favourite local treat restaurants - the wonderful Michelin starred Royal Oak in Paley Street Berkshire. The restaurant is particularly well known for it's game and fish, and deservedly so.
Because I knew I'd be eating out anyway I also binged again - but now I'm done with that I think. But that's why there's no food for the main part of the day... Eating x cookies & peanut m&m's is too embarrassing to type. My eye - especially the muscles in the outside corner - has been really quite sore today after all yesterdays 'look right', 'look up and right', 'look down and right'... Can you get DOMS in the eye? If you can, that's what I've got.

Here’s my dinner:

Starter: Heritage tomato salad with Rosary goat’s cheese and black olive tapenade – to die for…

IMAG0235 (1)

Hake with samphire, cockles & mussel sauce


Mango mousse with passion fruit jelly and Calamansi Sorbet


Sheer heaven!!! And since I do drink when I eat out, a wonderful Californian White Wine – Le Cigare Blanc Grenache-Rousseau – and an even more wonderful Japanese whisky as a digestif - Nikka Miyagikyo 15 yr old single malt. And a mandarin champagne cocktail.

I am feeling merry!!!

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  1. How wonderful - hope you feel merry today as well (not alcohol induced though!) :-)